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7 AI tools that will make you $300 per day

In today’s AI age, where artificial intelligence is capable of doing everything that humans do, it will be your low capability to not to use them, because if you sit at home and use the Internet and have a laptop and not earning online with the help of these 7 AI tools or others, then this is your biggest mistake. All over the world keep getting some work out of it, so what are you waiting about to do, why don’t you join this era where this tool can earn money online or offlineย  for you and you can spend your quality time with your hobby or your family.

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In this article, we will talk about these 7 AI tools that will make you earn money while sitting at home and also improve your workflow and profession. Teenagers around the world who are very active these days in the era of making money online, and become so proficient in those tasks using AI tools because they use these AI tools for their content SEO and research work. Here are the AI tools that we have found to many but just a few of the many that will help you earn at least $300 a day.

  1. Frase
  2. ChatGPT
  3. Pictory AI
  4. HeyGen
  5. 10web
  6. Typefully
  7. RunwayML


Frase AI Tool is an SEO tool that can optimize your content and also provide you with intelligent base automation service, besides giving you detailed insights like target of keywords, Research and other such facilities or features will be provided to you and your business.

– Keyword research

– Content optimization

– Competitor analysis

What’s Comes In My Mind

Is this tool really so capable that we can completely depend on it?

Well like other AI this tool this also needs some editing and finalizing touch which is humanizing, totally up can depend 72-80% on it but final touch which will be of your project is cross checking by you throw finalize it at end.

Can we use it free of cost?

Yes, it also gives the AI tool the facility of free trials, the usage limit of which includes that you can create one whole document completely, along with a 1 search query facility, and with 5000 AI generated words for your content.


Whether ChatGPT is one of the most used and talked-about AI tools of its kind from last few years, almost every professional and student has used it for their work. You can use it for your personal purposes it can provide you with the best guide and you can provide everyone in this role who hires professionally from the marketplace to its facility.

- Write social media posts for them as content writer.
- Create professional strategies for growth of contents.
- Research for new products in the market online with right prompt.

Pictory AI

If you are a video content creator and use multiple social platforms and want an assistant to convert your long form videos into better short form videos for TikTok and Reels. It can work and without any extra work, you can use this AI tool Pictory AI tool as your assistant when you visit its site, you will be surprised with the multi-features available here, which is must for AI video editor tool will convert your long-lasting videos into engaging short clips to start converting your social media platforms or blog posts into captivating videos with automation of Content Creation so don’t delay go to the link below, use it and explore the world of ai tool.


If you’re shy in front of the camera, you can use this HeyGen AI tool to create some engaging videos and presentations for yourself with a realistic AI avatars that can speak multiple languages and creates a great marketing material can add a touch to your presentation or videos.


If you want to create a good and attractive website for yourself or your business, but you don’t know how to code and you have no knowledge of web development and web designing, then you can create one for yourself using these 10web AI tool. You can build the best website in few minutes, you don’t need to hire a developer for this work, and you can just build this website using 10 web one of 7 AI tools, that too with zero codes.


If you are a social media geek and want to manage all your social media accounts from a single platform, you can easily do it using this Typefully one of 7 AI tools and so many LinkedIn & X-Platform Professionals are specially using this AI to manage their account to easily manage any of their post content or post scheduling.

Try it here:


Among the 7 AI tools mentioned in this article, the best and most attractive tool is the RunwayML platform, where many artists use it to fulfill their artistic needs. You can generate AI art like to video, text to image, etc., whether it’s a realistic image or an image caption, after using it, you don’t need to hire a video editor.


If you also want to do any of these things properly or professionally and want to earn at least $300 a day at home and manage your social media accounts without hiring anyone, then above read the given and detailed article and share your work with your clients in the best way by using AI Tools provided in it if you have learned something from this article or want to give your feedback. If yes, you can send us your valuable feedback by commenting in the message box below.

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