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How to make $300 Per Day using ChatGPT and MidJourney AI

Have you ever imagined why not earned up to 300$ from daily at least to improve your personal life and do something for your family? It’s a great idea but here’s the thing how you can earn up to $300 Per Day using ChatGPT & MidJourney AI and don’t worry about that day you don’t need to search about it anymore. We have done detailed research and found some ways to do this easily at home with the help of ChatGPT and MidJourney like AI tools which is also the main topic of this article. Now here is what you have to do and how and what will we do with the help of this that you can earn up to 300$ a day, so the point here is that we will make some story books for children that we will selling them so when we have the storybook ready, we will sell it on platforms like Etsy and Amazon, so without any delay, let’s continue our journey and get our side hustle money to established this month. Learn how to do this in this article.

ChatGPT Account Creation

The first step is to create an account by going to the ChatGPT website, for that you need to register your account by clicking on the button below, when you register here for free. Then the first thing to do is to create a Prompt that is basically a side-by-side instruction to any AI tool you provide as a character, they put together for you every step of the way. He will do what the character performs. Prompt basically is a set of instructions that you can pass to an AI tool to get them done in a professional manner, and that’s any job, even for a writer, if you don’t know how to do prompt engineering. So you can generate your prom by clicking on this link and then paste it in ChatGPT to create storybook and this process is an easy to use process which will help us in all steps.

Title Generation with ChatGPT

In this step we will create the title of our storybook through ChatGPT. For that first you have created your account or you are ready to create a title now. So you have given the following click on the generate button and you have to visit the website or create your prompt there or copy it and send it to ChatGPT. That is, you have generated an eye catching title and given your story book.

Prompt to Generate Story with ChatGPT

In this step, whatever you have to do is story building; you can also do it through your ChatGPT. You have generated an eye catching title through ChatGPT in the previous step, now the story will be built on the basis of that title. So you have to send a prompt to ChatGPT first of all or you have to create this prompt by given the link given in previous step. When you send this prompt to ChatGPT, it will prepare a quick summary and give it to you based on your title. If you are not interested in our story then you can recreate the title or story using ChatGPT. Your story should be very attractive or interesting.

Outline for Storybook with AI

In this step we are moving towards our next process which is to create the outline through ChatGPT. When you first complete all the steps then follow these steps again. Here you go back to your ChatGPT account and send a prompt, after which ChatGPT will create a detail list with bullet points in which you will describe the first steps of your story or point out the pages along with it. Please read your story book. This story must give your readers a completely professional looking story book experience.

Using MidJourney AI for Story Visuals

300 Per Day using ChatGPT & MidJourney AI

In this step we will use MidJourney which will generate artwork similar to your storybook. This has made you all visit the official site of MidJourney promo code first which is the link below. After this, follow the given steps to create your account or AI will create a unique artwork for you within 60 seconds and then you will have to pass this text prompt. This way you will have to paste the bullet points of your story book which will help you create an outline of the chapters of your story book. ChatGPT says or on the first page you will see the tool which will help you create a different kind of illustration of your story book and make your readers attractive toward your storybook.

Pages Design in Canva App

You can use Canva app to design the pages of your books with ease or without the need to hire someone professional. Canva is a free of cost tool that lets you create amazing designs for your story book. This way you can print it to Canva from the button below or select from the millions of storybook templates there, then add the artwork created by MidJourney to the templates and provide it to you in one piece. That is your story book or a modern day’s layout will be created for your readers for eye catching effects.

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Storybook Customization

These are all the main steps of storybook building; you can customize your text or its layout using various techniques so that it is visually attractive to your readers and makes it easy to read. All the customization you can do with Canva is easy like rearranging your elements, selecting fonts or selecting colors according to the theme of the template to match your story. So this step gave your readers a unique experience overall or made a difference in the rest of your storybook.

Create PDF of Storybook

When you have given the answer, maybe you are confused or you are confused about the final output of your story book converted to PDF and then you have to download it or you will get a very high quality PDF with ease through Canva features and save it to your local device storage.

Listings on Amazon & Etsy

In this step you will create listings for your storybook on platforms like

  • Amazon
  • Etsy

Once you have finished your story book and given it the final PDF touch. These platforms are a great choice to reach a worldwide audience to double your sale. Just keep one thing in mind that you write the description of your story book in such a way that it resembles the story book of the app or you use relevant keywords as per your story book and get maximum exposure to the readers worldwide.

Offer Customization Option For Story Book

Offer Customization is a popular marketing technique based on your story book which makes your completion look different from everyone else storybook. In this you have to allow your readers to suggest a unique name for your story book or to personalize an element within the story. This is one of the many marketing tactics that make your story book unique or valuable compared to other storybooks.


Can we get MidJourney promo code?

Well, depends if you people going to support our blogs article with your precious comment then yes we will give you promo code soon!

Is ChatGPT no login option available?

No, you have to required account to smooth use of ChatGPT with either your email or Google mail.

What is error 1015 ChatGPT?

Well, its mean your are requesting too much frequently to ChatGPT in short time for that you have to wait while before next instruction. To avoid these you can purchase premium ChatGPT service.

Conclusion For 300 Per Day using ChatGPT & MidJourney AI

This is the first time you have been able to sell or create a story book with the ease that ChatGPT or MidJourney has become today “MidJourney promo code to get subscription fast” . If you follow the steps given in this article with a guide or create a story book or sell it on a platform like Amazon or Etsy, you can defiantly earn up to $300 Per Day using ChatGPT & MidJourney AI. Or if storytelling is your passion then you can easily convert it into online income. So don’t waste time start today so that tomorrow you can make your life luxurious.

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