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websites to make money from home

Three websites to make money from home that can help you earn money from sitting at home If you are looking for a part-time job or looking for a side income or want to make a second income and want to earn money from sitting at home, so in today’s article we will tell you about these three websites that can make this work possible for you.

First of all we will talk about what you will need to work on these three websites and how you can earn, so the first thing is that you must have a better internet and should have laptop and home or any shared place where you can sit comfortably and do your work, then you will be able to earn something easily on these three websites to make money from home. A website that can fill up all these criteria is as follows which are

  2. Urban Pro Tutor
  3. Chegg Subject Matter Expert


usertesting websites to make money from home

The first website that we will talk about is in this website you have to go and create your account and the main model of this website is get โ€œPaid To Testโ€. Here you will test different apps or websites to make money from home where you have to give a review and your feedback on mobile app or website and you have to give your experience related to product and create your own prospectus, after which you can earn money from it while staying in your comfort zone. They can improve their business by using your precious experiences and user testing, whether it related to UI or UX research or design is will be updated or modified based on your feedback.

Can we really earn some money from

There is a question in the mind of many people that we can really earn some money from user testing? So the simple answer to this question is yes, this is a good opportunity that you can earn some extra income or top up in your life from here. This company is real and they want real opinions here. People are not repeatedly harassed by endless surveys and asking some questions again, here they modify and improve their product based on totally on user testing reviews, which creates a difference from a different ย surveys.

Is this website only available for USA or UAE or US Canada?

You can access this website and earn money by using its features in 30 countries of the world which are available worldwide as per its list.

How really works?

We can divide its work into three simple methods. First is the application process in which you can apply for testing any application. Then there is the testing process in which you will test the application from a complete angle. Whether it is UXUI or there is any basic bug in it, they will do all the test-up on their page. The final decision is to submit after which you can earn money


UrbanPro websites to make money from home

The second website we have here is Work as an Tutor where you will add your photos, portfolio, certificate and some description as well as your qualification achievements to help differentiate you as a different teacher and you will easily discover on this website and student take tuition from you, so here your income is based on the total number of students and fees.

Is the UrbaProTutor website a free-of-charge website?

Yes, here you can create a free of cost account for yourself and reply to any student as per their requirements, but the limit here is that if you reply to all the students who cover you. To reply to them, you will have to take premium membership here, after which you can reply to each student by giving equal time.

How can they do the job of teaching first time?

The first thing is to give one of your demo classes to students who have taken their first lesson or have just booked you for a project. First know about and let them know about you, after which their stress point will be removed and they will be able to continue with freely up till the end.

Urban Chegg Subject Matter Expert

Chegg websites to make money from home

The third website is where people give opportunities to freelancers and hires them so that different students who post any questions from any corner of the world can answer them. You can earn money depending on how many scores you get and how many questions you answer.

How much does Chegg pay per answer?

It depends on the subject and how authentic the solution is. As per research on it will pay you up to Rs.189 on valid solution.


So these are the websites to make money from home that we had to tell you about and you can join these websites now and earn money for yourself depending on which of these three websites you choose. And the second thing about its validation or its legality, this is a work that can be done from any corner of the world. Comment and let us know which other websites to make money from home you can use to earn money doing something other than these three jobs.

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