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Online earning app in pakistan

Here in this article, we have come to review another online earning in Pakistan website or app for general people. Basically it is an investment platform which we are going to share review in this educational article. Here people can earn six figures without or by investing time or money. Here you can learn following like

  • How this online earning in Pakistan platform works?
  • How the form works?
  • How the deposit is made?
  • How the withdrawal is made and what is the profit ratio?

We will discuss all these things in this article, but before moving on to the further detail, we will make a request to you who ever reading this article and follows that there is any investment platform where money is invested and money is earned from it, please do related up with your results by doing some basic research. If you want to join the platform or invest money as your livelihood and your research, most welcome, we will share the loss review with you if any and how to do this work in this platform. So we donโ€™t have any responsibility whether the platform stays for a year, or a month or a minute, it depends on you and the platform, we just review it for sake of our visitors.

So, if you are interested in this article, then read the article till the end. Or you can check this latest or previous article by clicking here.

Before proceeding please share your precious comments in this article to make our website more knowledgeable and enjoyable for you after reading. The name of application is odd but we have find that if you use it slowly you can get 100$ monthly as it describe in their videos.


As per research this app or website is one of the best option available to online earning in Pakistan but here you have to do some home work by your self before investment any. Click on the following button to join and open website. First of all you have to register yourself, to register you have to enter following details like.

TIKTOKMALL6 register screen online earning  in Pakistan
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Invitation code

And click on the sign up button. After filling the information, you have to click on the sign up button. If you have entered the right information, then your account will be created and the interface will be display in front of you. After that you can get the latest announcement by the app,

TIKTOKMALL6 announcement screen online earning  in Pakistan

you can read it completely or skip it, here you can find about all the benefits, how you are going to benefit from level one, level two, level three, level four and level five. After clicking on the button and it will show you this.

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How to deposit in this online earning in Pakistan App?

The recharge withdrawal app community profile and below, the members of your people are visible.

TIKTOKMALL6 deposit screen online earning  in Pakistan

According to this calculation, you can find the earnings details here. If you click on it, if you share your link with your friends, then level one, level three, up to level three, you can earn good profit from this link like referral system work.

TIKTOKMALL6 invitation screen online earning  in Pakistan
TIKTOKMALL6 task screen online earning  in Pakistan

Here another thing which is VIP section where you can see what is VIP one is a task in it you can also see the earning of this also. All members there earning, all these things are visible to you, along with this, if you are in the Me section, here you can see the Total Balance, Recharge Amount, and Withdrawal Financial Record or Transfer All these things are visible.

First of all you have to deposit money before using this platform. If you are going or being paid, related to this, you should do it on your own by doing some basic research before any investment in it.

For recharge you have to click on deposit recharge then click yes.

TIKTOKMALL6 deposit screen online earning  in Pakistan

After doing this, you can see address, you have to copy it, after copying it, you have go to the Binance App. You have to click on send Crypto Network to send as much as you want to send, you have to paste the address here, select Network TRC 20 and then how many dollars you want to send step by step after that, you have to click on the withdraw button, return and recharge completed button.

Binance  send screen online earning  in Pakistan

You will click on the recharge completed button and the balance will be credited to your account.

TIKTOKMALL6 me screen online earning  in Pakistan

 After deposit successful you have clicked on unlock, your account will be activated, your level one member and you will see an ads there as a task.

According to this earning will be done by me yes here you guys can see this way I have got balance now I have to go to the VIP section and see here my VIP one level What is automatic has been unlocked, if you want to unlock the next level from it, then click on unlock now and after that, your automatic will be unlocked. So, now you guys have to go to the task section and here your first task is done, you have to click on the button to complete it.

Now you have to go to the task section and here your first task is that you have to click on the button to complete. There will be waiting and your first task has been completed and its earnings have been entered into your account, so in this way, you will able to earn money from them.

How to withdraw money from it?

Now after that, you have one question in mind. Here you can click on the withdraw button and here you have to write your quantity here, how much you want to withdraw. Then you have to enter the address and after that, you have to enter the password and click on confirm. Then for that you have to click on the people section and then click on USDT. Click Tron TRC 20 and copy the address from Binance app.

Binance deposit screen online earning  in Pakistan

And after that, you guys have to click on the confirm button. Now you can see it here. It has been withdraw from your account to Binance App.

You can see your financial record where you can see withdrawal record. Soon after that you have to go to Binance and here you can see what my you have withdraw is here.

โ€œWell, here we have to mention that It is not out responsibility whether you will get it or not. So remember that before investment in any online app or website you have to research your own risk. Furthermore, If you want to join the click the button below, you can join it and earn it.โ€

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