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high ticket affiliate marketing

High ticket affiliate marketing basically has become a big competition in today’s era if you want to see a best fleet marketing or find a platform where you have a high income or low income basically constant monthly basis. If we can generate it, we have to do a lot of struggle for it. Here in this article we will tell you about some high affiliate marketing opportunities through which you can generate a handsome income monthly.

As you read the title of this article, what is high ticket affiliate marketing and how can we make a mark in it? If you get a sale of 100 dollars or more, your commission in affiliate marketing is also low. For example, if you make a sale of 1200 dollars, you will get 2 percent, that is, 12 dollars or 13 dollars. You get money but in high ticket affiliate marketing the less you sell up but the more commission you get like you get $100 worth of commissions.

Selling high ticket items that pay you high commissions with high ticket affiliate marketing, their main focus is on building an audience or building the right audience to up sell the product to.

High ticket affiliate marketing products:

  • Software
  • Financial investment tools
  • Jewelry
  • Luxury travel

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High ticket items that are found in fleet metrics like we have some companies like  shareAsell  and some companies that collect commissions up-directly from selling their products. Major flat marketer platforms focus on getting people to purchase expensive products and services, such as a $5,000 watch, or sell them an item worth at least $30 and possibly more. So in high ticket affiliate marketing you mean the products that are paying more than $100 in commission returns, so we have high ticket affiliate marketing. From software companies to financial investor tools to jewelry to luxury travel, these are some of the high-ticket products that return you high commissions on sales.

Basically, if you have ever understood and worked on a fleet marketing program, then you know better that the more you invest in it, the more money you can earn. Fleet marketing is such a subject. No one needs to be an expert as a salesman. Yes, but you need a skill to write any article where you can pin point your fleet marketing or you can open a way to promote fleet marketing. The more you promote the more you will earn and basically the success rate in this work is very high so we have high ticket affiliate marketing as we mentioned above that you at least Your monthly income can be 100 to 35 thousand or even more because here we do not target the quantity but we choose the targeted audience through which we get the maximum profit even on the smallest sales happens.

What we are going to tell you in this article are some high affiliate marketing programs that you can join and earn a handsome income. Following are the some best high ticket affiliate marketing programs

  1. Shopify
  2. Amazing Selling Machine
  3. Fiverr
  4. SEMrush

After all above now you able to know what are low ticket Affiliate Marketing and High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and how you can earn from it.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing By Shopify

Shopify high ticket affiliate marketing

Shopify is basically an affiliate program with high chances of high ticket earning. This platform is basically for educators, influencers and content creators who want to build their own sales or e-commerce type website. Here the rate of commission you get is very good, but according to the sign up, that is, the more people sign up and invest from your referral link, then you will get a handsome income.


  • Must have own and run an active website for promote.
  • Have an established audience to referral.
  • Create your basic and original content where you sell / referral program like courses website, blog spot etc.
  • Must have experience with commerce / ecommerce, Shopify, Entrepreneurship or any other platform of ecommerce.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: Based on location of merchant or general user commission will be as high as up to 150$ for all the plan referrals.
  • Payment method: Either directs your bank account or using PayPal.
  • Payment model: Minimum 10$ payout required weekly basis.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days of time.


Fiverr high ticket affiliate marketing

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancing services and it has many digital categories like copywriting SEO website development and many more it is a great opportunity for any small business. They can create an online presence for their business by hiring a good Affair freelancer through this platform.

In the Fiverr affiliate program you have two choices for commission plans like

  1. (CPA) Cost Per Action commission on cast and hybrid commission. $15 to $150 
  2. Hybrid commission, a fixed $10 CPA plus 10% revenue share of the order for a 12-month period 

Key details:

  • Commission rate: Rates are fixed or revenue sharing base or both hybrid.
  • Payment method:  We have four options available to payout like PayPal, Payoneer, Fiverr Revenue cards and direct bank transfer.
  •  Payment model: Monthly, net 30.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days of time from the click start.

Amazing Selling Machine : Best Of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

ASM high ticket affiliate marketing

Amazing Selling Machine is an east training program where you are trained to be an introvert and ship that tells you how to sell a product on any email e-commerce platform e.g. Amazon, Shopify and other platforms. Here is an online course of six weeks available with private mentorship and whose throw-ups can learn entrepreneurship.

As an affiliate program you can share profit by promoting three main offerings available like:

  • Amazing Selling Machine, the brand’s flagship
  • Amazing Academy
  • SellerCon tickets, which are the one of the brand’s annual sellers conference held every year in different location.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: You can earn up to $12000 per lifetime ASM sold and 25% per Amazing Academy Plus subscription purchased by user.
  • Payment method: PayPal, check, wire transfer.
  • Payment model: Every month 15th day you can get commissions are paid
  • Cookie duration: 60 days almost two month of time duration.


SEMrush high ticket affiliate marketing

SEMrush is a search engine optimization tool used by many online marketing and digital marketing professionals. There are also content publishers here we have many tools available which are very beneficial for e-commerce business small business and enterprise clients SEMrush affiliate  program basically runs on last click marketing attribution model in which any leads up Converts in the form of credit he provides commission to after sales. This is a revenue sharing program in which up you gets 200$ on every new subscription sale and you can get less commission if there is a trial subscription takes by any user.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: On every full subscriptions sale is $200 commission and $10 for every new lead traffic.
  • Payment method: Payment method only supports PayPal.
  • Payment model: 21 days post lock period after that payment will be released.
  • Cookie duration: Starts at every 120 days.
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