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Git Rename branch

Git is a free open source distributed version control system used for massive or small level application project with fast and optimized way to handle. In Software development you can use it for managing your project with multi levels of other developers work on same projects. In short if you want some efficiency to track your work changes and modification in your project files along with other developers or programmers then you must have to use it for like wise git delete branch or git rename branch and other etc.

It is easy to understand and learned more smoothly with basics operation to control just from one command line interface or integrated with some 3rd party application like Android Studio, VS Code and others. Some of the main features that you must have to know as developer are like

  • Performance
    • Well as performance matter Git have its some speed and efficiency to control any projects.
  • Local Branching
    • In local branching is like that where different non linear developers can work parallel on different features or bugs fixes with same project.
  • Convenient Staging Areas
  • Multiple Workflow

Some of the Popular Platforms

  • GitHub
    • It’s a platform where developers or programmers will collaborate, manage Git repositories, and contribute to open source projects with very speedy and efficient way.
  • Bitbucket
    • Bitbucket is a Git-based source code repository where hosting service is provided by Atlassian. Provides both offers like commercial and free accounts plan with unlimited support for private repository etc.

How To Getting Started With Git

You can install it on any terminal emulator or Operating System like Linux Distributions and any windows.

  • Go to the official Git website or just click here to download
  • After download successful just run the installation file with Administrator rights.
  • Then Follow the Git Setup wizard instructions carefully .
  • After installation, open the command prompt and navigate to your desired directory where you want to create folder.
  • After that just need to use the command “git clone” to start using Git.

Following are some git cheat sheet that you must have to memorize it or save it for your projects. These commands are basic but it helps you a lot in sense of speed and efficiency to do so. Here are some of the following list which are:

Git Cheat sheet For Create & Clone Commands

Create New Repositorygit init
Clone Local Repositorygit clone /path/repository
Clone Remote Repositorygit clone username@host:/path/to/repository

Git Cheat sheet For Add & Remove Commands

Add changes to indexgit add*<filename>
Add all changes to indexgit add*
Remove / git delete branchgit rm <filename>

Git Cheat sheet For Commit & Synchronize Commands

Commit changesgit commit-m *commit message
Push changes to remote repositorygit push origin master
Connect local repository to remote repositorygit remote add origin <server>
Update local repository with remote changesgit pull

Git Cheat sheet For Branches Commands

git delete branch
Create new branchgit checkout-b <branch>  e.g  git checkout-b feature_x
Switch to master branchgit checkout master
git Delete branchgit branch –d <branch>
Push branch to remote repositorygit push origin <branch>
git rename branch

Git Cheat sheet For Merge Commands

Merge changes from another branchgit merge <branch>
View changes between two branchesGit diff “source_branch <target_branch>  e.g git diff feature_x feature y

Git Cheat sheet For Tagging Commands

tagging commands in git rename branch
Create taggit tag <tag,commit ID> e.g. git tag
Get commit IDsgit log

Git Cheat sheet For Restore Commands

Replace working copy with latest from headGit checkout– <filename>

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Well this article just written for user information and to knowledge them as much as i can by this article you can best aware of git rename branch, git delete branch and other compulsory commands to work as DevOps.

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