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Ghost Commerce Makes You Rich While You Sleep

In today’s digital age where there is a lot of demand for e-commerce websites and businesses like e-commerce, how can you earn 10000$ to 20000$ a month from e-commerce and in what ways? In this article we will review the things that we have focused on in this article, Ghost Commerce and how you can increase your side income or your main income day by day using ghost commerce.

Now we have seen quite a boom in e-commerce among the tenants we have, so we are focusing on the same thing in this article to bring more people to the business and e-commerce from where we have a physical location. Not to do business but to sell out products by establishing an online business. Then there are many steps like drop shipping and there are many types of such that are used in e-commerce, so it is basically ghost commerce. We are doing it here, so we will proceed accordingly.

Understanding the term ghost commerce

Ghost Commerce refers to a sale in which we sell goods and services online without any physical presence or through a shop. Even if there is no record and in other term we can say that the meat word is basically doing the same thing that you have to establish a business in which you can earn from the sales of other people’s products and retail shops i.e. physical shops sitting at home.

In another way if we want to understand meat commerce, it is a way of generating income in which we advertise other people’s products and services online or recommend online to a shop or retailers services. In this we do not have any physical existence or physical products or services, but we generate income by promoting the services of others in a way.

Steps to build ghost commerce presence online

Ghost Commerce

The point here is that if we don’t have a physical presence or we don’t have the product ourselves, how we can make money from it. And after that, different kind of advertisement that you are showing the services or products of others is present on your website or if there is a link to a manufacturer, you can redirect the customer from here. is through this link or through recommendation to this product so that you can get commission for the sales of this product.

1. Market Analysis or Research To find Best Niche or Product:

Before starting, our first step is market research, that is, you have to find a product or niche that you can sell online, so first of all, it is important that you understand that your What is the target market or the product or service that you want to start selling then when we have to find the product then we can use some basic tools free of charge like Google Trends and SEMrush which can do market research or can identify a specific product or any of your potential competitors based on your niche.

2. Finding Best Companies With High Commission

When you have found a good product or service to sell in the market or a good niche in which you can sell out your product or any services, the next step is That is, you have to find a company or a wholesaler based on that niche that will provide you with the product that you want to promote, for that we have different methods, different B2B platforms that It filters out the providers where you can make a joint agreement with them by up-agreement.

3. Building Online Presence with Website Or Ghost Commerce Blog

Now it is said here that you have found such a product, you have also found such a vendor who is giving you an opportunity with high commission base from which you can earn more, so here it is said that a website or a blog. Now here we have different platforms like Shopify Commerce where you can create and promote such websites or you can use our Read the article to know more details about how you can create your website online.

4. Real Time Visitors To Ghost Commerce Website

When you have completed all the steps, in this step needs a potential income, so basically has to engage visitors to your website or block so that they can view and purchase these products or services. Or you can complete the ads that the company is advertising, so here we have a lot of options that will get real-time visitors to your to increase your sales, such as search engines. Optimization Social Media Platforms Email Marketing Google Ads TikTok Ads These are some of the different platforms where you can create your attention of different online users to visit your ecommerce website.

5. Branding

It is not so difficult to create an online brand in today’s era, especially for e-commerce and meat commerce type websites, before starting or during the process; a good brand name has been created. Creating a way for others to identify your ecommerce website differently from other businesses is an important part of building a relationship between your customers and your visitors. Builds trust which is very important for any online business.


Meat commerce is an increasing and popular business model in today’s era where you can double or triple your income. Not selling out, but you directly link other people’s products and services through your meat common website or block key, so that their sales increase and you get commission based profit. The main thing that matters here is yours. affiliate strategies including affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and many other advantages that you can get through this platform.

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