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dropshipping business ideas

In this article we are going to guide on dropshipping business ideas for beginners or to start new business from scratch. Here you can see what Drop Shipping is and how Drop Shipping works and everything you’ll need to know to make money online with this business model.

First of all what is Drop Shipping in short it’s an all digital business model which allows you to sell products online without having to hold any products with you physically in other words there’s no need for you to have any inventory and no needs to ship anything yourself that’s call dropshipping business ideas without money investment .

Now here’s how this dropshipping business ideas that’s possible:

  • First you create an online store with your own store name and design.
  • Then you sync your online store with a third- party supplier who will take care of the rest so every time an order is placed in your store the supplier will be automatically notified they will.
  • Then package the products for you and ship them directly to the customer with your store name.
  • In this package from the product price that you set in your online store a portion goes to pay the supplier and the rest you get to keep as a profit with every sale you’ll get paid and because the process is completely automated once everything is up and running you will start being paid on autopilot this way of earning is called passive income.

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It’s the method behind how so many people out there have become extremely wealthy Drop Shipping now as I mentioned in Drop Shipping. The interface is very easy to use and we will try to guide you in next article step by step into the complete setup process.

shopify dropshipping business ideas

The best current deal for Shopify is 3-days free trial and the best current offer of only $1 for the first 3 months so what we’re going to do next is to go to website from button at the end of this article.

  • Once website is open click on sign up and enter your email address to start the free trial
  • follow the prompt to create your account and you’ll be taken to the Shopify dashboard
  • now that we have created the shop account
  • We come into the next step of this tutorial who is connecting the store to a supplier this is how we are going to Source the products and sync them directly to our store to source the products.
  • Find a link to CJ Drop Shipping or Click here to join is a very well-known and trusted Drop Shipping supplier and they offer a massive catalog of products you could add to your store adding products to your store is completely free and you’ll only pay once you place an order.
  • Click on register right up corner on the right and create the CJ Drop Shipping account so type in your email address creating password and click on next.
  • Now click confirm and you’ll be taken to the next part which is creating a username so go ahead and type that in
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Phone number
  • Now click confirm and once you see the page where you can click on skip now
  • Now your account will be ready so what we need to do next is link CJ Drop Shipping with our Shopify to link CLICK HER TO LINK store which is how you’re going to automatically forward all orders received on Shopify to CJ’s platform to enable this synchronization.
CJ dropshipping business ideas

You can see CJ has been integrated with Shopify so every time an order is placed this will be automatically forwarded to CJ and they will take care of shipping for you the next step is choosing what products to sell so to dive a bit deeper into Shopify Drop Shipping.

Once you have done setting up your store now your journey to finding trending products can be done completely for free using social media you can use Instagram reels and TikTok to find what’s buzzing at the moment these platforms work with powerful algorithms which means they’re constantly tracking what kind of content you engage with by using this intentionally you can load your social media feed with product ideas by engaging over and over with other trending videos with that same approach you can also learn to use these algorithms to bring traffic to your store.


TikTok is known for making videos go viral so you can use this as an opportunity to get your products seen for free now when choosing the products you’re going to drop ship here’s exactly what you should be paying attention to your product needs to make your audience feel.

Here we also have 30 days dropshipping business ideas challenge by which you have to follow at least 30 days to make you next few month profitable and wealthy just follow as :

  1. Day 1-2: Find a product
  2. Day 2-5: Build a Good Looking Website
  3. Day 5-15: Marketing
  4. Day 15-30: Fulfillment

Day 1-2: Find a product

  • Go to roach ai website & search through winning products
  • Pick a product with these requirements:       
    • Solve a problemProfit margin is at least 20$ SaleProduct is in high demandLow shipping cost
    • Low return rates

Day 2-5: Build a Website

Sign up to Shopify for 1$ a month for 3 months

  • Design you online store:
    • Choose the sense theme(for free)Import your product & imagesWrite a eye catching product headlineGenerate a product  description using Roach.aiAdd gifs / videos to the descriptionImport reviews from AliExpressOffer free shipping
    • Connect your payment processors

Day 5-15: Marketing

Purchase the product yourself and create a TikTok & Instagram account related to your product niche and start make engaging content of the public interest having:

  • Have camera setting on 4K at least 60 fps
  • Record short-form content(10-15s)
  • Edit videos on CapCut
  • Use Captions for auto captions
  • Have a Call to action at the end
  • Use Elevenlabs for voice over’s
  • Use MixKit for music sound effects
  • Use 5 hashtags related  to the product
  • Place your website in your bio
  • Upload 3 videos a day consistently
  • Post at 3PM, 6PM , 9PM (Local Time)

Day 15-30: Fulfillment

Repeat previous steps until you find a winning product. Once you have a winning product you and sales start to come in and setup automatic fulfillment of your product.

  1. Head over to and connect with a private agent to a good price for your product.
  2. Ask them to set up automatic fulfillment so you don’t have to do any work.
  3. Keep marketing and growing your store.


2023 end and2024 is here so what you waiting for. You can start a business for 0$ by just following above mentioned steps and guidance. So if you want to build profitable drop shipping business in 30 days just to do as above process of 30 days challenge and make profitable returns.

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