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Name The Twilight Forest Mod
Category Entertainment
Size 37.3MB
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Publisher Ingar Studio
Score 6.0
Publish Date 12/07/2022
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Mod Info:

The Twilight Forest Mod

The Twilight Forest Mod Game Introduction :

The world of the Twilight Forest mod is as endless as a regular world in Minecraft. This entire region in the free game is filled with dense forest. It looks like an epic fairy tale and marvel. The sky is constantly dim, it makes the world darker and gloomy. The trees have become darker, and there are more branches, they seem to create a cover, and such that in most cases you can just walk on them. Some trees rise to the very edge of the world. The very terrain of the region is less mountainous and more gentle. If you come across mountains, you will find caves there that are filled with ores, treasures and monsters, try to survive.

How to get into the Twilight Forest dimension in Minecraft?

To do this, you need to build an unusual portal in the game. It can be of any size and shape, the main thing is that the frame consists of blocks of earth, grass, podzol, mycelium, etc.

? New biomes

7 new biomes have been added, some of which are very rare to find in MCPE. Some biomes change the landscape so you know right away that you are in them.

? Trees

In addition to new trees, there are also old ones, you can also meet them. Different biomes have different trees. Seeds for all trees will be added for the foreseeable future for you to plant.

? Hollow Hills

In this mod, you can see these hollow hills if you climb the canopy of tall trees. But be prepared, it will be very dangerous to explore these hollow hills! It is very dark in them … but you should not be afraid of this, but you should be afraid of monsters!

? New dangers!

The surface of Duskwood in the game looks pretty peaceful, but it is not! Dangers and magical places lurk everywhere, feel like a hero! Cowardly goblins and fearsome ghosts dwell in the hills. A new species of spider has also appeared.

? Mysterious labyrinths

Labyrinths grow in foggy and dark places. Adventurers can try their luck and walk to the center of the maze. But in most cases, a heartbreaking scream is heard, and you can understand that the labyrinth has prevailed over the adventurer.

? Massive, monstrous Bosses

There are bosses in the game world called Nagi. They are very tough and hardy. Without any preparation for a fight with them, the miner will face a painful and irrevocable death, try to survive.

— Mod yFantasy

The magical world of the game, filled with zombies, dragons and other mystical creatures, will be incomplete if you do not install the yFantasy mod, which will bring many new, mythical mobs. Tame little dragons, bargain with wizards, fight hordes of vampires, and explore the lovable yet extremely dangerous biomes that come with the expansion.

The addon is the key to the world of fantasy and fabulous creatures. Each mob got its own unique characteristics and behavior

— The Hydra mod

Meet a new creature who came to the world of Minecraft PE straight from the twilight forest. The Hydra mod includes a hydra – a three-headed creature that will attack the user from a long distance. Moreover, the hydra is capable of attacking with fireballs, which means that each projectile will be deadly. But the battle is worth it: when the monster dies, the player will receive a special egg, from which a small hydra will hatch. A newborn creature is better tamed, so the player can make a new friend.

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Disclaimer: This application is not approved nor affiliated with Mojang AB, its name, commercial brand and other aspects of the application are registered brands and the property of their respective owners. This app adheres to the terms set out by Mojang. All items, names, places and other aspects of the game described within this application are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. We make no claim to and do not have any rights to any of the foregoing.

The Twilight Forest Mod Game screenshot :

The Twilight Forest Mod
The Twilight Forest Mod
The Twilight Forest Mod

The Twilight Forest Mod (37.3MB)

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