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Obat Health & Fitness

Obat Health & Fitness Game Introduction :

It\’s hard to know when, how much or what kind of daily activities you need to perform to stay healthy & fit. That\’s why we have developed Obat app to manage all your daily activities. It will help you to improve your health & fitness with just a single app.


Do you drink enough water?
In our day-to day life, drinking enough water can be challenging, despite its numerous health benefits. The Obat \”Water intake\” is water drink reminder & tracker that makes it easier to stay hydrated. Drinking right amount of water at the right time helps in weight management, maintains hydrated, youthful and glowing skin.

Remember to update the Obat each time you drink water as it saves your recently logged amounts and the water intake time. The Obat then displays what\’s the remaining amount to achieve your daily target. You can turn off reminders and drink water whenever you feel thirsty or you can set auto reminders if you find you are unable to achieve your goal. Obat also lets you edit an incorrect amount that was entered by mistake.


Obat\’s \”Sugar intake\” tracker helps you regulate and monitor the total sugar consumed per day that you externally add in your food. Track and check which Sugar substitute is ideal for you. You can check this by analysing the monthly graphs in the weight report feature. You can set your daily sugar intake limit to help you control the total amount of sugar consumed per day. You can record the sugar amount by weight in g or by volume in tsp.


See your daily progress on your weight. Easily adjust your goals to keep challenging yourself to achieve a healthy weight. Obat guides the natural and the most effective way to manage your weight.


Track your weight and body measurements to plug-into the easy-to-use BMI and WtHR (waist to height ratio) calculators. Sometimes BMI may not be accurate so it’s always better to use more than one calculator to determine your profile. The intent of these calculators is to determine the health profile not to diagnose or treat any medical condition.


Don’t have time to go to gym and want to improve your fitness or build muscles?

Obat\’s \”Home Workout\” helps you to get your desired result the easiest way. With the Obat you can work out anywhere, anytime for few minutes using your mobile phone. Obat works for EVERYONE no matter who you are, what your workout level is, what your age is and what your genetics are.

⭐ Depending on your workout level it shows your daily workouts and cover all the body parts in a week.
Obat\’s \”Home Workout\” has following amazing options:
⭐ Obat recommended workouts if you are a beginner
Customise your daily workout if you are bored with the same routine
⭐ DYO workouts if you want to surprise your muscles or want to make your workouts a fun activity.
⭐ In only a few minutes every day, you will achieve great results with body weight home workouts and OPTIONAL equipment.

Obat home workouts are the most scientific and effective way of doing workouts and covers all the aspects of the fitness, muscle building, flexibility and joints health. Special care has been taken to design the workout routine and the workout animations with right body posture, breathing and tempo.

Obat is a fully secure app. Learn more about the Obat app, privacy policy and security at

We are committed to offer other important features like Fasting and Sleep soon.

The download & usage of OBAT is FREE. To get the best results, try ?PREMIUM features, which are available with a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual subscription and with a 1-week FREE trial.

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