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Top best earning apps in pakistan

Need financial freedom in life or wanted to make some part-time money? and be independent? In this article I am going to point out some fun ways by which you can make a good amount of money while living in Pakistan. And you can withdraw cash very easily with Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, Local Bank transfer and Western Union by just using few best earning app in Pakistan.

You know about that already? No, let me tell you that there are many online earning apps that support withdraws in Pakistan and you can use it for earning money! Yes, the real money you can earn up to six figures by just using your laptop or mobile. You not need much time to do as some apps require playing games or quizzes while others require visiting websites or doing some proofreading etc. It is a valid and long term income stream based on your dedication and time.

All the task are very simple and easy, well if you can spend hours of time spending on watching reels or videos, then why not for this one? Then read the full article to get rich without any hustle. May be some of them are interesting and fast with boring to do so but try to read full article below.

Top Best Earning Apps in Pakistan

Look at the list of apps that you can download to earn a hefty amount of money. After some hours of research I have found some best earning apps which are:

  • Jeeto Paisa
  • AdSense
  • Pompak
  • Quiz Wallet
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Google Opinion Award

Jeeto Paisa

Jeeto Paisa Best Earning Apps in Pakistan

Pakistan first augmented reality gaming app from where you can make money by playing games with other users. However, Jeeto Paisa is the first ever Pakistani gaming app that offers cash prizes while moving location or games. The app has a variety of games that are in English, Urdu, and Punjabi try whatever you love to do so.

Prize structure is on daily and monthly basis by playing this. However, withdrawing money is also easy by using digital wallet like Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa app. You can easily have some earnings of your own just in few minutes in your wallet.

Features that aren’t so commonplace like here fifty million plus real cash on the road of Pakistan are waiting for you, you can discover and make real money wherever you are with your friends.

  • Easily Earning
  • Nearby Friends
  • Chat & Earn
  • Redeem Gifts
  • Refer Friends
  • Also Social App
  • Minimum withdrawal of Rs.1000/-
screenshot by jeeto paisa best online earning app in pakistan

Just play by using the built-in GPS in your phone and start finding the points around you by just physically go to the points and get great reward.


If you are living in Pakistan then AdSense is of the best earning app in Pakistan. Why? Because almost every bank here supports AdSense like HBL, UBL, Meezan Bank, SCB and Allied Bank. So what you are waiting for? Well here we have some best ways to earn from AdSense with integration of it to a following ways like :

  1. Cool Website
    • Creating or implementing your ideas into website with cool and attractive design.
    • Fastest way to integrated is with blog , news or jobs related site.
  2. User Friendly Mobile app
    • Best UI or cool mobile app same like games , todo apps , workout apps etc
  3. YouTube
    • YouTube Short creating small 10-15 sec videos
    • Vlogs or any cool contents

Best Earning App In Pakistan By PomPak

PomPak for best earning apps in pakistan

“Learn To earn” with this slogan the Pompak is wonder full app that can help you in making some passive income online. All you have to do this is to complete some tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games. By doing some activities will help you earn money from the app. But hear you going to think then why the slogan says “Learn to earn” well in this app they going to teach you how our financial systems work while have basic farming or business games. Moreover the payment withdraw methods are also easy and use to basic digital app like

Basics features from where you going to learn things and start earning are

  • Follow the engaging stories that continues across the three age groups
  • Understand the formal & Islamic Banking sectors with their benefits
  • Here you can learn quick and fast methods to invest your money and to increase in your savings by learn quick different techniques and methodology.
  • Explore the vast map and develop / build  your recognize land accordingly
  • Fifty three individual and best financial literacy modules that help you and can be use it for your land in this app.
  • Play according to your age group and nature

So why you wasting time just clicks on the heading and join the game with earning some extra money.

Quiz Wallet

Quiz for best earning apps in pakistan

Quiz Wallet is an earning app in Pakistan where you earn through different methods like

  • Daily Quiz
    • Easy daily quizzes and each quiz can earn Rs.5 minimum to solve in required time of 15 seconds.
  • Easy daily quizzes and each quiz can earn Rs.5 minimum to solve in required time of 15 seconds.

  • Required 70% of mark for pass your quiz and earn.  

  • Daily Reward System
    • Although when you scratch your card daily in app and get amount as mentioned in card.
  • Lucky Draw Contest
    • You can participate in different type of contest where you get huge amount of reward through system generated lucky draw.
    • Gifts like smart phones, Laptops, Vlogs Drones and cash prizes.
  • Invite and earn with referral system
    • Minimum Rs.100 – Rs.200 reward system as per person registered through your referral link and you get directly into your account.
  • Withdraw of money
    • There are as many apps as you can find in every corner of the world where you can earn money but few have some best withdraw system which can easy transfer to your local currency as in this app you can withdraw your rewards and cash through Jazz Cash or Easy paisa. Other than that it also have support to transfer money directly to your local bank as well.

Best Earning App In Pakistan By

YT Shorts

YouTube Shorts

You Tube Shorts is an similar earning opportunity as you have earning with You Tube main. But here you need less efforts and time to gain that much target to get Monetarization due to in Shorts your video will be viral soon if have best content. Video is about 10s -20s long and using some most viral and used hash tag you will see your videos can will gain up to million views as much you can. Just need best and interesting contents like Earning app or website videos so users will take much interest in your contents.

Eligibility criteria for creators in Pakistan are same as other part of the world and similar process as You Tube has like as follows:

YouTube Partner Program YYP:

  • Your account must have to complete minimum 1000 subscriber.
  • Also 4000 valid public watch hours at least in last 12 month of time

Create Original & Engaging Content

  • Focus on short form videos with reasonable, earning, motivational and any content that engage your targeted audience
  • Try to create high quality and content with unique concept on any topic or Vlogs.

Enable Monetization:

  • One you have clear the eligibility requirements and then your can apply for monetization features on YouTube and it will review it to enable these features on your content. Where you can earn a suitable income up to 6 figures through YouTube ads, Short funds and other monetization options that is enabled.

Shorts Fund Participation:

Just like YouTube main videos earning this Short fund are way where the creator will earn money depends on their Shorts video engagements in form of views and likes or comments etc.

Ad Revenue:

As your Shorts gains more views then you can get revenue from ads that settled around your contents which is one of most significant source of income in this field.

Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorships:

Other than ad revenue  or Short funds you can collaborate with brands in affiliate marketing programs which includes some links or brand awareness in your short videos along in the description.

Promote Merchandise:

If you want to sell your product you can use Shorts as your marketing source to promote though out your followers or all around the world and YouTube Shorts also have these kind of easy features that allow viewers to explore or purchase your products or affiliate products.

Optimize for Search:

Optimize your search of content by using relevant keywords or hash tags in your title or description and also convince your viewers for sharing, likes and comments on your videos.

Engage with Your Audience:

One of the most import part is your viewers is engaging with your contents by asking questions in comments , liking your shorts video and subscribe your channel for future updates.

Stay Informed about Policies:

Always make sure to up to date with your YouTube policies and guidelines to avoid any kind of mistakes or policy violence that lead to your monetization feature termination or make issues with your earnings.

Google Opinions Rewards

However as you know many of public around the worlds want to earn from internet as passive source of income and work from home on regular basis as to get financial freedom and affordable pre earning money. Further more, there are many ways you can find on your local search engine that provide you tons of information’s and items through which you can gain knowledge and try something on your own. Because its provide you the freedom of hours and work space anywhere around the world without any boss or co workers politics.

In This article you find about the source where you can earn some extra figures while living in Pakistan and withdraw all your money without any issue of international banks or other etc.

Just following simple steps to start earning from Google Opinion Rewards like

  • Need any smart phone
  • Download from Google Playstore or search engage to download it and install now.
  • Try to login or create account with your Google Accounts.
  • You will notify on every survey and have to respond in timely manner to get more of them
  • Try to answer all the survey questions with the time and done.
  • Give your best feedback with no extra word or language in manners.


In General I can say the YouTube income is more secure, one of the best earning app in Pakistan and permanent then others source of income just you have to make consistent with your content uploading and maximize your viewers and subscribers.

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